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Back Pain and pain management myths debunked:

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Back Facts

  1. Persistent back pain can be worrying but is rarely dangerous

  2. Getting old is NOT a cause of back pain

  3. Persistent back pain is rarely associated with tissue damage

  4. Scans rarely show the cause of back pain

  5. Pain with exercises does not mean you are doing harm

  6. Exercise and movement are one of the most effective ways to help treat back pain.

  7. Discs are not like digestive biscuits, they do not ‘slip’.

  8. Back pain is not caused by poor posture

  9. Back pain is not caused by a ‘weak core’.

  10. Backs do not wear out with everyday loading and bending

  11. Pain flare-ups do not mean you are damaging yourself

  12. Injections, surgery and strong drugs are usually not the cure.

Taken from

O'Sullivan PB, Caneiro J, O'Sullivan K, et al Back to basics: 10 facts every person should know about back pain British Journal of Sports Medicine 2020;54:698-699.

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